Welcome to Southeastern Virginia Historical Markers.  We are a group of University of Mary Washington undergraduate students taking place in Dr. Jeffrey McClurken’s Adventures in Digital History course of 2012.  Have you ever driven along the highway and passed a highway marker at high speed only to wonder what in the world was written on it?  Or, if you have read the markers, have you ever wanted more information than the 250 word description provided?  That is why we built this website: for the everyday history buff or curious tourist, and even for historical databases and students in colleges across the world.  We have provided a description of each marker, complete with images and further research for your viewing pleasure.  Furthermore, there is a map in which you can look up your favorite marker and get directions to it!  As a daughter site of Virginia Historical Markers and a sister site of FredMarkers, we hope to provide you with an enjoyable and historically accurate site that you will spread around amongst your friends.  ENJOY!

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